Cara Rice.png

"Since working with Kim, I've successfully launched and facilitated my first group program, automated all of my systems and have at least 5 hours back in my week by outsourcing tasks that are not in my zone of genius."

Kim is a genius at systematizing, making things efficient and helping you refocus your priorities. I can always count on Kim to help me identify areas of my business that can be streamlined so that I can create more time in my schedule for a life. She also has a special knack for coaching you out of overwhelm when you have too many projects on the go or you simply don't know what to focus on next. I'm so grateful for her support and I highly recommend that you hire her while you still can!

- Cara Rice (Success Coach)

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"I needed someone to hold me accountable in the direction of where I wanted my business to go, while also facing my fears. Kim did just that."

I was so blessed to have worked with Kim. Not only did she help me stay accountable, she also made the tasks that seem so overwhelming to me seem so simple. She brought her expertise to each session and so patiently walked me through the simple steps that allowed me to accomplish what I needed to reach my goals. I am so grateful for the empowerment and direction that I gained from working with Kim.

- Ali Hunter (Health Coach)

McKenna B.png

"Even though we only had a short time together, Kim guided me to a moment that changed everything."

I spent a lot of time in the contemplation phase before I decided to work with Kim. I knew there were things I wanted to work on but was convinced I could do it myself. I finally forced myself to sign up before I could change my mind and it was a huge turning point for me. I would be scared to get on our call because I hadn't performed 100%, but Kim created a safe space free of judgement and focused on the things I did achieve. Perhaps the biggest thing she gave me was permission to experience the things I love where I am right now. Her "assignment" set off a landslide of decisions that are taking me to my best, most empowered self. She gave me tools to keep my momentum going. I can't stress enough how important the support and accountability that a coach can provide is. Kim provides all that and more. I'm so glad I took the leap!

- McKenna Bradford (Stress Management Coach)

Shannon C

"Kim was able to get me back on track! Her thoughtful and smart approach helped me discover my WHY and bust through my excuses."

Before working with Kim, I had been dragging my feet for months about getting physical movement back into my life. I knew I needed to do it but I didn't have the motivation and I kept coming up with excuse after excuse. Since working with Kim, life feels more vibrant and balanced now. It's amazing how changing one aspect of your life can benefit so many other parts of it. Thank you Kim for your encouragement and support!

- Shannon Caton (Digestive Health Coach)

Nadia B.png

"Kim kept me motivated when I doubted myself and kept me in the game without being overwhelming."

Kim is meant to do this type of work. She truly has a passion for health, healing and helping others. Her style of coaching makes you feel at ease and comfortable. She's like talking to a friend that you've known forever. I felt as though she always came from a place of love and healing. It motivated me even more to take care of myself. I'm so grateful that I connected with her!

- Nadia Barzinpour (Health Coach, Yoga Instructor)

Paula B.png

"Kim digs deeper when we're discussing goals in an effort to understand exactly where I'm coming from and what I'm looking for."

I met Kim at a time when I was looking to get back on my self-care routine and feel healthy again. Kim was great! She was so energetic and positive - and it was so infectious! She's an incredible person, full of optimism and provides unconditional support. Kim shows she truly cares and wants to see me succeed and that's exactly what I look for in a coach. Kim has been a positive and support energy in my life since day one. The journey to my goals has been up and down, but with Kim supporting me, I know I have the love and patience I need to get there.

Paula Barber (Health Coach)

Jodi B

"I have so much more time now to work on my launch and because of Kim's support, we already have 12 women enrolled which wouldn’t have been possible without her!"

Before working with Kim, I was struggling with delegating so many things that needed to be outsourced and was handling all of my own administrative tasks, leaving me less time to do any marketing or be more visible in my business.

Kim has been an absolute life-saver. I’m getting better at delegating and I love that I can totally trust and depend on her. She is super organized and checks in with me to make sure I'm right on track. Since working with Kim, I'm more organized, think further ahead and I'm much better at planning because I know it’s not just me anymore but I have a team helping me.

- Jodi Bullock (Registered Dietitian, Health Coach)

Kate and Judy M

“What we have learned the hard way is that in order to have a thriving coaching business, there is no possible way to do it alone. Kim has literally saved our lives, and we are so grateful to have found her."

Growing a coaching business and DIY-ing it for months (ahem...years) finally hit a boiling point, and we knew that we needed help. Working with Kim has been such a pleasure and joy. She really listens and is patient, resourceful, and understands the intricate challenges of building a coaching business. Kim has been our amazing angel!

- Kate and Judy Moon (Women's Empowerment Coaches)