How to create habits that stick and consistently reach your goals


You've heard it a million times before - consistency is the key to success. And it's true! Consistency will help you reach your goals faster and create sustainable habits that stick. Are you struggling to be more consistent in your life and business? I'm sharing my top tips for staying on track and achieving your goals.


Identify Your "Why".

Your "why" is the core motivating factor for the end goal you want to reach. It's usually something deeper and more meaningful than "to lose 5 pounds". What does losing 5 pounds mean to you? To identify your why, dig really deep. Ask yourself, "why?" over and over until you uncover a reason that will hold up through any excuse or obstacle that will inevitably come up on your journey.



Having someone who supports you and holds you to a higher standard makes a huge difference in your success. Find someone who can motivate you to stick to your goals even when you'd rather just sit on the couch in your sweats and have a Netflix binge with a giant tub of ice cream (we all have those days).


Schedule It.

As my mentor Marie Forleo would say, "if it's not scheduled, it's not real". Scheduling in your goals is a great way to ensure you stay committed and on track. Block off the time and treat it like an appointment. Schedule in your workouts, meal planning, grocery shopping, yoga class, meditating, a nature walk... Whatever your goal is, put it in your calendar and show up!


Plan Ahead.

Spend some time planning ahead and your life will be so much easier. If you have a day off each week, spend it planning your meals, shopping for healthy foods, and prepping as much as you can. Write down what workouts you plan to do this week and put your workout clothes beside your bed the night before. Small things can have a big impact, especially when you're short on time or have a habit of losing momentum.



We're all busy people and adding on extra tasks to our never-ending to do list seems like a burden, but if we don't prioritize what's important to us, it won't get done. Is achieving your goal important to you? If so, make sure your schedule reflects this. You may have to make a few sacrifices like waking up an hour earlier to get in a workout or staying up an hour later to work on your business, but by taking consistent action, you'll create unstoppable momentum and continue growing each day, and that alone is so worth it.


I'd love to hear from you! Which of these tips will you put into practice this week? Share below!